The Art Teacher - The Art Teacher's Studio
Jennie Roles-Walter  
Jennie Roles-Walter, owner of The Art Teacher's Studio, started her business over 5 years ago. Walter's background as a professional artist and art educator enables her to teach in a very easy yet fundamental way making learning fun and transferable.
Roles-Walter holds a Bachelors degree in Art Education with a  focus in clay, a Master's Degree in Art Education with a focus in painting and 30 post graduate hours focusing primarily on painting and three dimensional design. Jennie has taught at Motlow Community College as an adjunct Art History Teacher for 6 years and teaches Art I, Art II and Art History full time at Fayetteville High School.
Roles-Walter has helped  to organize several local art exhibitions to aide local women who are battling cancer. "Think Pink, Red High Heels Heals the Blues, Out of the Kitchen and Out of the Box, etc." She has also hosted several art fundraisers to raise money for local cancer victims, cancer organizations, car crash victims, schools, etc. and headed up several large scale mural projects in Tullahoma, Winchester and Fayetteville, TN. She is very vested in Fayetteville and loves her home town a great deal.
Roles-Walter's art has shown and sold in several locations including Tennessee, Alabama, Chicago, New York,South Carolina, England, etc. She is a very accomplished artist and educator and originated the very first and only "Sip and Stroke" Studio in Fayetteville,TN nearly three years ago.
Roles-Walter is married to CT Tech Cameron Walter and they have two sons, Grayson Thurman and Tripper Jackson! They love their  small, beautiful town where they enjoy a simple Southern life style filled with green hills, fried chicken, sweet tea and the Good Lord :)